True love continues to light the hope of life

 【Supplied by Shijiazhuang Yujing Glass Co.,Ltd of Hebei Yingxin Group】On the morning of February 8th, trade union of Shijiazhuang Yujing Glass Co.,Ltd organized a solemn love donation ceremony for Liu Yongjie, the employee of our company. On the afternoon of January 19th, 2015,

Liu Yongjie was knocked down by a unlicensed cab when taking his 6-year-old son on the way home, he died on the spot and his son badly injured being under treatment in Shijiazhuang People's Hospital, the treatment has spent more than 200 thousand , the driver of the accident has escaped. Liu Yongjie's grandparents are over 80 years old, having physical illness, his parents are old without any income source, the meager income can not afford the huge medical expenses, so the family are in big trouble. During the work period of Shijiazhuang Yujing Glass, Liu Yongjie worked hard and were friendly to the workmates. Although he left the world, the workmates in the company will never forget him. When company leaders had known about this matter, they proposed all the staff to make contributions to help the family passing through current hardship,thus supporting a stretch of blue sky for his family.

Love do not need to be spoke aloud. Everything in the world is endless, love is endless too. After Chairman Zhao Shijun hearing this piece of news, he donated 5,000 . In his lead, the majority of the employees responded positively, have generously raised money of 15,138 totally . Liu Yongjie's family members were very touched by the employees 'donations, they came to the scene specifically to express their thanks to the workmates who have given their love.

Let us pray for Liu Yongjie's family and hope his son get well soon!