Fire Drill to Strengthen fire safety education and improve staff 's four abilities in autumn in 2015


     【Supplied by Shijiangzhuang Yujing Glass Co.,Ltd of Jilin Yingxin Group】on the morning (8:30--9:30) and the afternoon (16:20--17:20) of October, 19th,2015,  the company carried out two fire fighting drill training in the west side of the car shed on the ground floor. This fire drill was part of the annual fire safety training at the company, which had been drilled twice on April 19 and October 8 (low-e)this year .

In the year of 2015, the country has suffered heavy losses from a number of special major fire, the security situation is very serious and we had learnt profound lessons .Company leaders attach great importance to this, carrying out various types of safety education and activities like "dig deep security risks, prevent side accidents" within the company for many times. The fire drill is for the characteristics that the autumn or winter season is the high-risk period of fire accident, aimed at improving  four capabilitiesof the staff,(the ability of checking the elimination of fire hazards, fighting early fire accidents, organizing evacuation, knowing fire knowledge) for the purpose, Security  Section of Enterprise Management Department and Human Resource Department led this fire drill on the basis of security section's comprehensive overhaul the fire hose box and the annual expiration of fire extinguishers,a total of more than 100 employees of various departments participated. This drill were to use one fire safety car, 120carbon dioxide fire extinguishers , 20 dry powder fire extinguisher , 2 dry powder gun. For the drill fire extinguishers are the expiration of fire extinguishers, it can make  the staff master the fire extinguishers well and save the cost of the actual operation.

The contents of this drill include: the types and forms of fire, fire fighting principles and methods, the basic principles of fire fighting, the methods and maintenance of fire extinguishers. By the security section chief Ren Yanjieto tell the theory part, and then divided the staff into four groups to do fire fighting operation of four fire source orderly and each group is equipped with two security guards for guidance. Throughout the process, the staff were actively participate and the atmosphere were great, they seized the lime light according to the wind direction and fire fighting methodsseveral times. Some employees feel it is not enough to operate only once willing to operate for the second or even third time, it seems that if the fire is not putting out totally, he will never give up, causing other observation personnel burst into laughter.

The fire drill was paid great attention by the company's leadership and had been supported strongly by  the Security Branch and other departments. some leaders of Economic Development Zone in Xingtang County  and the Public Security Bureau came to the site to observe. Leaders at all levels gave full affirmation of the drill and put forward valuable suggestions for improvement. the drill can enhance the awareness of fire safety and the practical ability of staff, meanwhile, it can also lay a good foundation to further strengthen the fire safety education.